UK businesses throw out over 7 million tonnes of food annually

before it even gets to your plate – that’s enough to lift all the hungry people in the UK out of food poverty, and equal to about half the food wasted in the UK.

Food waste does not just happen in supermarkets and in our homes, but all the way along the supply chain, in farms and in factories. The food industry is on the cusp of a historic 10 year long agreement to reduce their food waste, called Courtauld 2025. We need to ensure their targets to reduce food waste are ambitious enough.

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Lifting the Lid

A United Kingdom of waste

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Lifting the Lid

An estimated third of the food produced globally is wasted.

This food has colossal environmental and social impacts on global hunger, water supplies, land use and climate change.


A United Kingdom of waste

These mountains of food waste are difficult to comprehend, so we went to the front line of food waste to hear the stories of workers who have to routinely waste food as part of their job in the food supply chain.

Supermarkets’ policies often skillfully push the risk for food waste onto their suppliers. The cost of this food waste is often devastating to their suppliers, who would rather sell the food than waste it. Produce gets rejected for being the wrong size and shape. Orders get cancelled. And many suppliers overproduce for fear of being struck off if they ever miss an order. Someone is paying for this food waste, whether it be you, the person who cannot afford to eat, the environment, or the supermarkets' suppliers.


Watch our film from the front lines of food waste to find out more:

A 10 year plan

UK businesses are on the cusp of an historic 10 year long agreement to reduce food waste called Courtauld 2025 - Stop the Rot are pleased to see big progress has been made on this, but want to see it go even further

Stop the Rot is happy to hear that some major steps forward have been made in the voluntary agreement to reduce food waste, Courtauld 2025. Pre-farm gate food waste will now be included in the agreement, with an aim to set baselines for targeted reduction by 2018, and our understanding is that the agreement is projected to lead to a 30% reduction of retail and manufacturing food waste by 2025, against 2009 baselines. It should also enable the UK to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal on food waste (50% reduction in retail and consumer food waste by 2030) ahead of the target date. Stop the Rot commends this progress, and encourages as broad a cross-section of the manufacturing, farming and retail industries to sign the agreement as possible, to build on the progress made by Courtauld so far. Stop the Rot would also like Courtauld 2025 to go further in its ambition - to deliver a 30% reduction against a 2016 baseline, rather than 2009 (30% reduction against 2009 baseline equates to a roughly 22% decrease relative to 2016 baselines, bringing the UK's food waste down to about 3.16 million tonnes rather than to 2.83 million tonnes if 2016 baselines were used).
If Courtauld receives a low signatory rate or does not step up to this higher ambition,
Stop the Rot advocates for regulatory intervention, as proposed by Kerry McCarthy's Food Waste Bill, to ensure that a 30% reduction against 2016 baselines is achieved and the work of Courtauld is strengthened and build upon via a regulatory rather than a voluntary framework. We therefore challenge the food industry to both sign up to Courtauld 2025 and push for it to be even more ambitious, to show that regulation isn't needed and industry has ambition to end food waste without the need for the government to step in.

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